0000024800 00000 n The reference marks (BUNDAS) should be made on the wall in 2″ to 3″ diameter before starting the plastering […] 0000013314 00000 n Sqm. Types Of Pointing: The choice of particular type […] Its curing is done in the same manner as normal cement plaster. Cement, Sand and lime are used in plastering. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail address. 0000002589 00000 n 0000027256 00000 n Subscribe Our newsletter for more awesome posts like this. 0000009865 00000 n Middle coat thickness is 6–8 mm. �]�&$�N��H��U/�����z,�:�z�Ƣ������=�0h:-�a�pS��nj��S��7=�V5�;ܯ�bw���mi'O��k����p��h�������),"+SV. (5) Plastering and pointing In C. M. 1:3 shall be done with prior written permission of the Superintending Engineer/Chief Engineer. To know more about me just visit AboutMe. It provides a base for applying white/ colour washing. Chapter 10 wall finishes ( plastering,pointing & painting) 1. For concrete surfaces cement mortar may be applied in two or three coats. If single coat is used its thickness is kept between 6 to 12 mm. Then we recommend that you plaster your facades. Pointing, in building maintenance, the technique of repairing mortar joints between bricks or other masonry elements. Tuck Pointing:7 6. HOW TO PROTECT MASONRY DURING CONSTRUCTION? Racking and washing surface. 128 0 obj<>stream IS 1200-12: Method of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works, Part XII: Plastering and Pointing by Bureau of Indian Standards Publication date 1976 Name of Standards Organization: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Division Name: … 140.00 Plaster 6 580 12mm. 0000052776 00000 n Can we provide pointing and plastering simultaneously? 0000040428 00000 n It should adhere to the background easily. It consists of raking the joints to a depth of 10 mm to 20 mm and filling it with richer mortar mixes. b. Plaster area must be provided with level dabs or spots allowing working and checking with 2-3 m straight edge. 0000008370 00000 n Depth of plaster must not be less than 8 mm at any point. 0000049563 00000 n 0000024040 00000 n Pointing gives perfection to weaker part of masonry (i.e. Jalaun 170.90 144.20 130.10 Jhansi Lalitpur 166.90 174.80 140.20 148.10 126.10 134.10 17.58 12 mm Cement plaster in single coat on fair side of single or half brick wall for interior plastering upto floor two level including 0000030733 00000 n 0000011895 00000 n 0000019133 00000 n 7 FACTORS INFLUENCING REBOUND HAMMER TEST OF CONCRETE. The rates for plastering, pointing given below are for superstructure upto 4 metres height whether 0000007192 00000 n Learn the basic differences between plastering and pointing. :yx��u݈���zgm�S LZ��+ �q��b��C�A���~���B�d��UM�ݘ�����г9g��Nn@ The table below gives the comparison between plastering and pointing. When aging mortar joints crack and disintegrate, the defective mortar is removed by hand or power tool and replaced with fresh mortar, preferably of the same composition as the original. 10 mm thick cement plaster 1:2 10 mm thick cement plaster 1:3 The rates include the cost of water, where the water is supplied free by department, the rates shall be reduced suitably. Wall plaster shall be done from top to bottom and the plastering of each wall shall be done within a single day. The plaster shall be finished to a true and plumb surface and to the degree of smoothness required. Cement mortar of 1 : 4 or 1 : 6 mix is very commonly used for plastering, richer mix being used for outer walls. There are different grades of mortar that can be used for […] Chapter 21 Plastering. 0000021761 00000 n 0000036361 00000 n 0000017902 00000 n 6 PROPERTIES OF CONCRETE USED BY DESIGNERS, Design procedures for a Building Foundation (Step by Step), 10 PRACTICAL PROBLEMS TO THINK BEFORE DESIGNING A FOUNDATION. 0000027203 00000 n Plastering is the finishing coat which protects the masonry and gives a decent look. GENERAL RULES of measurement of engineering works. Sqm. December 20, 2018 December 20, 2018 - by Kathir - Leave a Comment. Grades of mortar used for plastering is generally same grade as used in the masonry work. Sqm. 0000009562 00000 n So, these are the differences between plastering and pointing. quantity of cement, sand and water for various grades of mortar required. to joints) and it adds to aesthetic view of the masonry. 0000030578 00000 n Plastering and pointing . 0000017817 00000 n 0000019654 00000 n mm plaster is done in the ratio of 1:3 of cement and sand, respectively. Plastering definition, the process of working with plaster. Sqm. Sqm. 0000015949 00000 n c. Required concealing services must be completed and tested. It also enhances the hygienic conditions in the building. For concrete building blocks many times only one coat of cement mortar is applied. Flush pointing Cut or weathered or struck pointing V-grooved pointing Keyed-or gooved pointing Baded pointing Scanned with CamScanner . plaster is recommended for use in plastering walls and ceilings of large walk-in refrigerators and cold-storage spaces, basements, toilets, showers, and similar areas where an extra hard or highly water-resistant surface is required. 2. When we plaster the wall, after the plastering work, the surface becomes smooth and plain. How to plaster . 4.1 Plastering & pointing- its purpose, various types, construction procedures, advantages and disadvantages, suitability of each. 0000003157 00000 n Beaded Pointing:8 Also Read- Difference Between Plastering And Pointing.9 Liked this article? %%EOF to get smooth finish is termed as plastering. See more. 0000008108 00000 n (6) Thickness of plaster shall be exclusive of thickness of key i.e. Cut Or weathered Or Struck Pointing:4 3. White washing or colour washing are ruled out. A house plastered and pointed in lime mortar, is a vibrant house where the indoor climate naturally adjusts to the weather outside. download 1 file . 0000006150 00000 n 0000002473 00000 n Plastering and Pointing. However, after pointing, the defects of masonry can be seen. Surface must be thoroughly cleaned. 0000008746 00000 n If hydraulic lime is used mix proportion (lime: sand) is 1 : 2. 0000004150 00000 n PLASTERING AND POINTING CONTENTS 11.1 References 11-1 11.2 Terminology 11-1 11.3 Materials 11-2 11.4 Care of Tools and Accessories 11-3 11.5 Cement and Cement Lime Plaster 11-4 11.6 Lime Plaster 11-14 11.7 15 mm Mud Plaster 11-17 11.8 Special Finishes 11-19 11.9 Pointing on Brick. 2 Plastering is a process of obtaining smooth surface on the rough surfaces of walls, roofs, columns and ceilings etc. 0000005325 00000 n 0000118310 00000 n 0000058234 00000 n Plastering is the process of covering rough walls and uneven surfaces in the construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material, called plaster, which is a mixture of lime or cement concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water. SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. Instead of plastering entire surface of the masonry, special mortar finishing work is done to the exposed joints. In this Video Lecture you are able to learn different between Plastering and Pointing. It is used to expose beauty of well built masonry work. Your email address will not be published. AGGREGATES As we mentioned earlier, there are three main aggregates used in plaster: sand, vermiculite, and perlite. Sqm. Lime mortar used shall have fat lime to sand ratio of 1 : 3 or 1 : 4. 0000030509 00000 n 0000020530 00000 n 0000123983 00000 n Plastering: Plastering is use to protect the exposed surface of the masonry. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Do you want to brighten up your house? Thick plaster with cement mortar in proportion of 1:2 cement & fine sand of 1.25 F.M. It consists of raking the joints to a depth of 10 mm to 20 mm and filling it with richer mortar mixes. Please be advised that in accordance with an order dated August 2, 1976 of Hon. Rate analysis of plastering with cement mortar requires the quantity estimation of materials cement mortar, i.e. - Decision of the Executive Committee, June 11, 1975. As per IS 1200 – 1976 (Method of measurement of building and civil engineering work P-XII , Plastering and pointing) dimensions shall be measured to the nearest 0.01 m areas shall be worked out to the nearest 0.01 m 2. Such coats are used on concrete surfaces not exposed to rain. 0000040105 00000 n i.e. Specification Of Plastering: The general specification of plastering are as following: 1. Contents1 Types Of Pointing:2 1. 0000028750 00000 n 0000009975 00000 n Sqm. Sqm. 0000001796 00000 n If three coats are used second coat is known as floating coat.
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