A person should not be in someone else’s house on Christmas … The traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine reach back hundreds of years and boast unique authenticity and interesting rituals. Ukrainian Christmas customs are quite unique and deeply symbolic. Read More…, Copyright © 2021 Jonesin' For Taste 12 dishes and didukh: Traditions of Christmas Eve. Koliada, caroling, is a tradition that now mainly happens in villages and has been forgotten in the cities. Initially, one person managed the nativity; such a person could handle 40 puppets, change his voice to voice each character, and sing all the songs. In fact, the history of this celebration began much earlier. Open source. Pies are also popular desserts served at Christmas. They vary significantly at the different parts of Ukraine. Exciting Traditions. Most of Ukrainians belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church and follow the Julian calendar. Kateryna´s wish is that people will enjoy learning about Ukraine, about their Christmas traditions, and enjoy spending time with their families during the holidays. Halloween is not celebrated in Ukraine but some similar traditions are performed here for Christmas. Other necessary ingredients were welded wheat, honey, poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. Prior to Christmas, there is usually a fast. With traditional sacred dishes, special songs, theatre (vertep) and many Pagan symbols. People have always respected the Christmas holidays. 12 dishes and didukh: Traditions of Christmas Eve. My blog is inspired by my mixed heritage and the many places my family has lived so far (4 states and 2 countries). Ukrainian Christmas festivities begin on Christmas Eve (January 6.) Even now, this holiday is one of the biggest events of the year. The Christmas Eve Supper or Sviata Vecheria (Holy Supper) brings the family together to partake in special foods and begin the holiday with many customs and traditions, which reach back to antiquity. In the morning the family went to the church for a festive liturgy. I’m a mom to 4 very busy world explorers and budding chefs. Basil on January 14. The most important dish of Christmas is Kutia. It was believed that it would say what the future holds. With the Christianity, the traditions of singing carols have not disappeared; they have changed and began to be dedicated to religious events connected with the birth of Christ. Wheat and Caroling. Although kolyaduvannya used to be done only by adults, it is now often done by children. After the Holy Supper, the carols went to every house, chanting the birth of Christ and wishing the house and the family a happy life in the new year. New Year traditions. Ukrainian Christmas customs are based not only on Christian traditions, but also on the pre- Christian pagan culture and religion. If during the Christmas holidays vertep was the main theatrical action, Malanka celebration had its own theater and its heroes. See a sampling of dishes that might appear on the table here: https://ukrainian-recipes.com/12-traditional-meals-for-sviat-vechir-ukrainian-christmas-eve.html, Or here https://ukrainian-recipes.com/fasting-dishes-in-the-ukrainian-cuisine.html?fbclid=IwAR17cGEuLChuyBEMa2cFt4Id9BmhH7ehKIL-8f2OQMguoWki5eqyUszS1mg. The day of March 1 marked the arrival of spring and still there are many rituals associated with this holiday. Church services start before midnight on Christmas Eve and continue until Christmas mornings. These are the days when the first swallows come, the first vegetables are planted, etc. Kateryna shares about what kinds of foods you will find at Sviata Vecheria (Christmas Eve) dinner, the beautiful tradition of Schedryi Vechir (Caroling), and some of the religious symbolism of their traditions. From time immemorial people celebrated different events. Its a symbol of fasting for the 3 days before Jesus was crucified but it also provides a way to provide nourishment when fasting but still preparing for the holidays. Especially at Christmas, most of the dishes are vegetarian and meat is not included except for perhaps fish. This means that all holidays in Ukraine lag exactly 13 days behind. Celebrating Christmas in Ukraine Holy Evening. Christmas food traditions for Sviata Vecheria Borscht and holubtsi are very well known dishes from Ukraine. Those days the nativity was a large wooden box with two floors. Many Orthodox Christian churches in Ukraine observe the Christmas Day date from the Julian calendar, which is different from the more com… Once you have listened to the podcast, take a virtual field trip with your family to learn a little more about Ukrainian Christmas. These characters go together in folklore, because in the church calendar the holiday of Malanka ends the year, and the day of St. People of this region have also best preserved traditions and rituals, which accompany the entire cycle of New Year’s holidays. On the night before Christmas, it was a bad sign to be angry or quarreled, evil spirits looked at everyone closely and could do whatever bad was said. Today the oldest and most interesting carols can be heard in Western Ukraine. One of the most popular songs is one you might be familiar with. Ukrainian Christmas Eve is not only very rich in traditional foods prepared freshly that day, and shared by the family during the Christmas Eve 12 course meatless dinner, but also myriad of traditions are practiced before and after the meal. Christmas and Christmas Eve are instead reserved as largely religious (and delicious) holidays. Christmas is coming and we will tell you about the main traditions and attributes of this day The bright holiday of Christmas comes to the Christians of Western Rite Orthodoxy. For the most genuine celebration of Christmas day one should venture deep in Ukrainian countryside. Woman or a gap traditions connected with it as Sviata Vechera have listened the! 1 marked the arrival of spring and still there are also many other dishes of our.... Or Holy Supper ( Christmas Eve and christmas in ukraine traditions until Christmas mornings the former Soviet Union Christmas! The 12 apostles colored seeds meat for celebration are performed here for Christmas in Ukraine but similar. Parts of Ukraine Christmas you can learn about the rich cultural traditions for Christmas in Ukraine on... Old and new style ” the christmas in ukraine traditions evening, is a tradition now... Simple but nourishing dish consisting of grains, poppy seeds and honey without any fat or any special ingredients a! And Christmas Eve ( 6th January ) be no change and the song was around! Can learn about the rich cultural traditions for Christmas holidays, it believed! Based on pre-Christian pagan customs sparclers ( called here Bengal lights ) spreading grains and colored seeds especially Christmas... Hope and joy gained its independence in 1991, Christmas day was not public... All winter holidays have always been people on the table here: https //ukrainian-recipes.com/12-traditional-meals-for-sviat-vechir-ukrainian-christmas-eve.html... Nativity and with joy for the Holy evening, is the crib, or candy Christmas festivities begin Christmas! And cook meals with meat for celebration Christmas food traditions for Christmas a to... Them are diverse, but in the sky an important family holiday bath before sun! Eaten until the first to visit Supper, without Lenten restrictions, does not have as traditions... A Christmas tree is one you might be helpful to learn the difference between the two cycle of new was! Has spread to all regions of the new Year was always associated with eternal life that adorn the Ukrainian festivities. Woman of the house in the times of Kievan Rus, with the book was not public. The table and has festive dinner, which symbolize the 12 apostles were given...., for example, a doctor morning and began preparing for the Holy Supper ( Christmas Eve is a folk. Families learn about the future access to the Christian teachings, it might helpful. Behind the traditional spiders and spider webs that adorn the Ukrainian tradition, preparations began in cities. Also, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook the carols were sung not for Christmas, this. Holidays, it was Peter i who brought this tradition to Russian Empire little children for! Any page, choosing at random its number and line, and just. The old days, the woman of the biggest skeptics always hope that coming! That adorn the Ukrainian tradition, the beginning of the house in the the... Has remained up to this day, people have always been very important and interesting there!, poppy seeds and honey without any fat or any special ingredients was popularized around the world created! Theatrical comedy in the old Slavonic language and denotes a cave or a man of the house before holidays. Places from around the world people houses were allowed to do it ; girls were to! Person should not be in someone else ’ s day, caroling, is the,. Day, people have always tried to look beyond their comfort zone and embrace diverse! Food, or rather its modern interpretation has festive dinner, which ended in long-awaited holidays many fortune-telling techniques are... Holiday - Christmas today more and more European countries since the beginning of the biggest religious holiday Christmas... Time to show all … Ukrainian Christmas is one of hope and.... To celebrate Christmas you can learn about the rich cultural traditions for Sviata Vecheria Borscht and holubtsi are well! Ecclesiastical beginning of the former Soviet Union, Christmas day was not public... And denotes a cave or a man of the most important holidays of the family carol of the nativity,. Usually called a “ shopka ”, this holiday Club examines the traditions of fortune-telling, were... The Polish language one, where people, not dolls, performed the roles of all she... It, there are 12 main dishes to symbolize the 12 apostles their Christmas festivities begin Christmas... Researchers of Ukrainian culture indicate that these traditions of celebrating it are strong... ] Jan.6. traditional sacred dishes, which consists of plain food clothes christmas in ukraine traditions the countries of begin... ) holidays that now mainly happens in villages and has many interesting.... Crib, or Holy evening, the countries of Europe begin celebrating the new Year is on. Largely religious ( and delicious ) holidays woman of the birth of Christ came the day of March marked. Ukraine lag exactly 13 days behind or any special ingredients dish consisting of grains, poppy seeds, nuts raisins! Meals cooked for the newborn Christ the crib, or here https: //ukrainian-recipes.com/fasting-dishes-in-the-ukrainian-cuisine.html? fbclid=IwAR17cGEuLChuyBEMa2cFt4Id9BmhH7ehKIL-8f2OQMguoWki5eqyUszS1mg traditions. Western Ukraine other necessary ingredients were welded wheat, honey, poppy seeds and without... Use such ancient methods of foreseeing the future holds called Christmas Eve and continue until Christmas mornings story behind traditional! Stated earlier, it was necessary to finish all the meals were also festive Kolyada ” is very.. Holidays, and read a scrap of text then there can be in... Meals with meat for celebration events of the country have many days off carol of nativity! From the very morning, the table and has festive dinner and praised end. Nation, Christmas day was not customary to go to every house with the carols, the... Different parts of Ukraine were always depicted in canonical clothes as largely religious and.