I added walnuts and mini chocolate chips and used rum since I had more than precious bourbon ;). I’m getting a metallic taste and when I google for info on baking soda it seems like this recipe has more than the standard baking soda-to-flour ratio. Now that’s what I’m looking for! Brazilian cuisine is very based on bananas, we eat them fried, boiled, baked, microwaved with cinnamon and cheese, with savory dishes or desserts, the sky is the limit. Lol! It was surprisingly simple! The consistency came out perfectly! I find myself answering questions over e-mail a lot. I’ve got some Maker’s Mark bourbon infused with dates (let sit for several weeks, then strain and bottle) – it’ll be pure magic in this. This is my very favorite banana bread recipe! It might have been older baking soda or baking powder (when I Google for images others have posted of the crackly version, they seem to be taller). Made exactly as written, baked for 55 min (toothpick came out clean at that time). This is absolutely my go-to recipe along with your sour cream choc-chip coffee cake. I baked for 50 minutes, and then maybe 30 more minutes, but the tester would still come out with moist bits. I cooked mine in like a 3qt pot and they didnt poof up. Same here. I added the pumpkin in lieu of the 3rd/4th banana. So quick and easy. I was intrigued by the banana marbling and goaded into making this by my son. i also store my blackened bananas in the freezer until i’m ready to make bread. I will make this again, maybe with some toasted walnuts, as I gravitate to the ripe banana table at the supermarket more often these days :). I should have known better, it was devoured in 10 minutes with the only complaint being “it needs more bourbon”. I’ve made the double chocolate banana bread several times – this version really made us smile and even made me leave a message here, first time ever I’ve made a comment online!! I mash my over-ripe bananas, pour each mashed banana into the individual compartments of a muffin tin and freeze them. This was an easy tasty recipe to make. @ Megan S. I couldn’t agree with you more. you are too funny! ? Well, this will be my husband & I’s first Thanksgiving in our home and we have decided to make dinner on our own. Previous post: tomato bread + a bit about spain. Based on the comments of my family,l say …………. Please advise. I’m an Australian in the U.S. and have been living here just long enough to be totally confused … I’m trying to convert it to grams … of course in this recipe it doesn’t really matter whether its 75 grams or closer to 80 – but here’s my question: – Do you distinguish between U.S. “cups” and other countries in your recipes?? About to try this recipe sans the bourbon, not because I want to though! I did add some toasted walnuts. I need my bananas tinged with green. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edge and invert it out onto a cooling rack. I felt like the banana flavor was too strong and overwhelming. I also used whole wheat flower. Great recipe!loved the flavor i also added some orange zest. Whisk to combine. What a wonderful recipe! Excellent recipe, really clever, thank you. Finally, I agree with Julia that the batter was stunningly tasty, so I have especially high hopes for the finished product. Did not use the alcohol because we didn’t have any (it sounded good) but still tasted great. I have to admit I’m not good at measuring things… I usually put in around half flour/half bran, taking out a bit of butter or whatever other liquid is in there to compensate. Congratulations on your most recent recipe! I also add almond butter for extra protein, and coconut sugar for lower glycemic index…just a few twists that don’t change the taste much if at all. I’m curious about the addition of baking soda? You can use 1 to 2T. I love trying new recipes and this one is a hit. They’re TO DIE FOR, and my coworkers were very appreciative of the treat on a Sunday. “bastardized” and “gilding the lily” in one sentence?! :) Two loaves of coconut bread now in the oven: one GF, one wheat. I made this and it was delicious. Perhaps you and/or your elves can suggest something. Are you picturing a powdered sugar glaze? So, so good! The Egg & I in Las Vegas has a banana muffin that is excellent. Thank you for always inspiring my home’s ethos of food is love! Really delicious; quick and easy to put together. I don’t think I’ll need to look any further for a “better” one. Fat 59g. Times are hard and can’t find things. Do you have a photo you can link to? It’s perfectly moist each time and loves to be toasted with good salted butter. My house smells amazing and the loaf tastes even better. Thanks, share more chocolate recipe. The bread looks great thanks for the sweet recipe i am hungry ;), I gleefully messed about with this already “messed about with” recipe. Please and thank you. Would be good with nuts too. Thanks for writing for us all to enjoy! another thing I learned was coconut – try some dry unsweetened, or better yet, fresh grated or thawed, frozen fresh grated (chewier than the dry one) in your banana bread – it is to die for! I never throw out bananas any longer! Comments go back to 2006 and people are still commenting on this recipe. I don’t know what to say except YES. I left out the cloves because I don’t like them, and sprinkled some sugar on the top for a pretty finish. This recipe looks great! I’ve never gotten into the EVOO-in-cakes thing because I’ve always been worried its flavor would overpower. It took a full hour to bake. Oct 6, 2019 - Explore c n's board "SK", followed by 277 people on Pinterest. Have you ever tried it with less? All I can say is wow! cloves? Turner — Did you get a metallic taste from this? they are delicious! it’s a lot of chips but i like my banana bread to be quite chocolaty. I subbed 1/2 whole wheat flour because it makes me feel better about buttery baked goods, and whiskey since I had no bourbon (sigh). For the bread, I added walnuts, used 3/4 cup sugar, used rum instead of bourbon as that is what I had on hand. I might try that as well. This is a fantastic recipe. Noticed no difference. Thanks! Right! I have making this also for a couple of years and my family now thinks I am a great baker, little do they know. People, don’t look anywhere else for a banana bread recipe. Actuallly… i could have nominated myself… and suggested it… maybe because i absolutely LOVE banana bread…. Also, the bananas you showed are not past their prime, I always use all browned bananas for my banana bread, they work the best. Wondering if I could swap out flour to use whole wheat flour? I too like the slightly green, no brown bananas! This is the first time commenting in your website, but it’s my favorite for sure. Have made it a few times in the last month. 1 teaspoon (5 grams) baking soda Still…yummy. I have made this three times now in the past three weeks and my fiance and I love it. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly mist a 9-by-5-inch metal loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray and dust well with all-purpose flour to cover the pan completely, tapping … I mean you’ve just made this dark confession. Also, I always use four bananas. I add walnuts for a little crunch, but other than that, a deliciously awesome recipe! I’m serious. Great recipe. There’s nothing wrong with you, I say! Easy Fix: sift the baking soda (even if you don’t sift the flour). I’ve been contemplating making this for so long now. Thanks Deb! I do have one question. With my 9 x 5 pan, it only took 45 minutes. Tried your recipe, with twice the quantity in circular cake pan.. I am a BIG FAN of freckles. A few times, I’ve added some chopped apples to the batter, and it was awesome. I baked them for 15 minutes at 340 (my oven overheats) and they came out fluffy, bouncy to touch, and moist. I noticed around midnight last night that my bananas were at the ”ack! Was hoping those of us in Phoenix would also be getting some good news soon … maybe that we were a pit stop on your way back to NY?! I worked at a Dairy Queen through my high school summers, and we always had leftover bananas. Delicious and loved by my family. Will repeat for sure. Very moist…but I’m thinking I actually could have let it go for an entire hour. Search results for double chocolate banana bread. The recipe is otherwise the same–just add the starter along with the wet ingredients at the beginning. Totally made me feel better about failing my cake. Pinch of salt Enjoy! I just made this recipe last night, and it will be my go-to one henceforth! Swapped-in my favorite pumpkin pie spice mix (includes your spices and cardamom and ginger) for the nutmeg/cinnamon/cloves. (23 minutes was the cooking time for me.) I normally add some cinnamon to mine, but really liked the flavor of the nutmeg and cloves. Now I need to try marbling. I happy to report that your blog has become my “go to” for recipes when I want to try something new or I’m unhappy with the recipes I have already. I thought I’d hand it off to friends and my family basically blockaded the door.) Up to 1/2 teaspoon (1) nutmeg Definitely with you on the banana thing: if there’s any green on them — ANY — I won’t touch them. THX. Thank you!!! I also see myself enjoying it with a glass of wine because if im already eating double chocolate banana bread why not. Looks lovely sliced and is delicious! I’ll admit I ate two slices just myself. Deb. Why are people scares of older bananas? Bananas not ripe enough? I’d hate to think of anyone being deprived of banana-y goodness. I doubled the recipe and baked it in a glass 9×13 pan at 375 for 40 minutes and it was perfect! Already half gone! Does that change it to “Beam Me Up Banana Bread”? The flavor is AWESOME!!! Ingredients were fresh so that’s not it. Scrumptious! Good luck! I didn’t have any Jack Daniels, so I used Jim Beam. Thanks for the great recipes!! :D Woohoo Bourbon! Or same amound of figure-8s and smaller dollops. Do you have the nutritional info for the recipe? My cake came out totally flat and I was like what the what…. (~25 min @ 350 for 6 muffins.). I even screencapped the stories I was so obsessed. Or yum. Love love love it. I had three freckled bananas calling out to me this morning, one sister staying with my for a holiday and one small toddler who loves “badas”. Came here to say that the jacked up classic is my absolute go to favorite banana bread. Added medjool dates that were left over from x-mas and a big hand full of chopped pecans. This. Ode to banana bread, with a link to this page! Or like taking a yellow cake mix and switching the bananas for the water, and sometime even the oil. I make banana bread often, and I will definitely use this recipe (with gluten-free adaptation) again. Hang in there. I’m so sorry, Deb. After they are frozen, pop them out and put the “banana patties” into a freezer bag and store in your freezer. OR 1 cup self rising flour Begin by combining the flour, baking soda and salt. But that’s user error, not the recipe. I loved how the clovey-ness of the muffin contrasted with the Baileys frosting. And because I can’t resist fiddling with flours, I used about 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour, a couple of tablespoons of ground almonds and the rest wholemeal wheat flour. Perfect! It has no leavener in it. The only modification I have made, is I use 1 tablespoon of Jack Daniels per banana, 5 super ripe bananas (if I compare my bananas to the picture, mine are almost all black) and I omit the ground cloves. Freckled and speckled is the ONLY way to eat a banana. Marbled Banana Bread on smittenkitchen.com. This is HEAVEN. Thank you. I added toasted pecans, as well. Made this today. I followed the recipe exactly and am so happy I did. It’s delicious! Been experimenting for a long time for a good banana bread and I have found it!! I doubled the recipe and ended up with three loaves. This was delicious! And by the way, how doesyour bread rise so much (and beautifully)?As if it’s a yeast breaD! How many bananas are you using? Can that be subbed? Made these for my daughter this week. I have NEVER seen a banana bread recipe that calls for nutmeg! This bread, as so many of your readers already agree, is outright bomb. Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but… all I have is bread flour and we’re about to get a SNOWPOCALYPSE. I usually throw in walnuts, dark chocolate, and also cut up Trader Joe’s sea salt & turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds–gives it just the right kick of salty & sweet! I used scotch cause that’s all we had. However if you do double- I would recommend buttering the bundt well and baking for 70 minutes at 350 (we have a convection oven), but to do a check at 50 minutes to see how its taking in your oven. Had a hankering for a decadent dessert just now, so I took out a slice (it can be sliced from the frozen state if you’re careful) and put it on a plate. Whoa! Awaiting your cookbook, an avid fan in Israel! Hi Deb! Yum! So the marbled banana bread journey began . Am I missing something… what would make it rise more? If the smell and taste of the batter is any indication then these are going to be some AMAAAHHHHZING muffins. I’m about to make this for the second time, and just read all the comments. You are wrong, those bananas are NOT passed their prime. I also live at altitude (5800 feet above sea level) and found that increasing the oven temperature to 375 degrees allowed it to bake in 60 minutes and wasn’t dried out. Bless you. Dark, dense, burbon-y goodness. Love, love, love them! We have a banana problem at work. IF it helps, I have a banana muffin recipe that I substitute other fruit in all the time – generally 1 1/2 cups of fruit puree is a good sub for the bananas – I’ve used applesauce, pureed strawberries and raspberries and peaches. 159 Cal. Just made your banan bread recipe and it did not rise at all. Bananas and coffee are both tropical and you wouldn’t BELIEVE how delicious they are together. Do ahead: The banana bread will keep for up to 4 days at room temperature. Yum. Who knew? Asking for a friend. It comes out great and not at all crumbly. I haven’t heard of this recipe either, its lovely! Into the other bowl, stir in the cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Yielded 20 standard size muffins, a bit on the small side. ~11 minutes. I added Mini chocolate chips to jack it up even more! As noted, I made muffins (came out with 12 using almost filled ice cream scoop method) and they cooked up pretty quickly – just over 20 minutes. I was nervous, because I’ve never marbled anything before, but the instructions were really clear, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! YUM! That is the dough didnt rise enough. Phenomenal. I find freezing those “aged” bananas adds to the intense flavor… Love the way they slip out of the skins after they thaw!! <3. Butter a 9×5-inch loaf pan, or coat it with a nonstick baking spray. Those bananas are perfect! Like some of the other commenters, my bottom layer didn’t marble as successfully as the top, so I would definitely do more marbling of the bottom layer before adding the top layer in the future. You’re awesome!!! Once a year is good enough for me, but I think this recipe may have converted me. Amazing. Many thanks from a, er, bunch of happy eaters in South Africa. Marbled treats were a childhood fascination and they still hold some of that “How did you do that?” wonder. When bananas go south – throw them in the freezer until you’re ready to bake – defrost and they are perfect for bread and cake! It still turned out well; I just had to cook it 60 minutes. The whole thing together was rich and delicious, though I think the chocolate part really made it. This is such an awesome recipe!! I NEED to make this bread again. I got rave reviews – even after reducing the sweet things to 1/2 c. sugar and 1/2 c.chocolate chips. It’s moist and perfectly banana-y, and we’ve already eaten half the loaf between two of us. Please come to Denver!!!! The cognac makes it medicinal. Or add some baking powder for extra lift? It tastes even better next day. 7 % 3g Protein. and they were the perfect ones for this. Bake @359 for 12 minutes. Yummmm. Mine made one too, in a bundt pan. They make awesome cupcakes! This was delicious and easy. These were good, but I think my bananas werent quite ripe enough. I’ve made banana bread before using an online recipe, and it came out too moist. can definitely see why this one is a winner. LOVE IT…my favorite banana bread recipe and my kids can’t get enough of it! I haven’t tried it in this recipe, but I do find in general that melted coconut oil substitutes well for melted butter in other baked goods. you could put the hazelnut butter in between the layers of the checkerboard bit, then swirl it in, or as my partner does, eat slices of banana bread with a thick swirl of peanut (or in your case hazelnut) butter – how he is not a larger man I do not know! Swapped in mini reeses pieces this time instead of the choc chips, and HEL-lo. A bit sad as it’s for a bake sale and won’t produce pretty tall slices. I would love it if you can add a “how long would this last/this should be kept in the refridgerator” section to the baked goods recipes, I tend to bake just for fun, having a cake available to eat alongside my morning coffee is a must, and I keep wondering whether a recipe would last or if I’d just end up throwing out half a cake. I have tried over a dozen different banana bread recipes and, while I’ve always ended up with banana bread which means of course, happy, I’ve always left thinking “Well there’s probably something better out there yet.” But now! This is easily the favorite for all the people in my house, ranging in age from 4.75 – 42. So, I used 1/4 cup dark brown sugar, and 1/2 cup white sugar. I’ve scrolled and scrolled … and scrolled! I love my usual recipe, but I’m craving something new, ya know? I used my KitchenAid (lazy, I know) — it broke up the bananas so quickly and got rid of lumps. Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t use two tablespoons and not tell us. Bursting with banana flavoured goodness, it’s tastiest whilst still warm or once left for a few days for the flavours to develop further and the bread … New recipe, Marbled Banana Bread: Half dark chocolate, half gently spiced in distinct swirls, I know for a fact that all of our weekends will be better with this in it. It is so tasty and I make it all the time! However, both times I have followed the instructions and my marbling is subpar. Really…EVER. Its almost a month since i baked and was going through your site yesterday for a recipe. Didn’t add the booze this time, but the bread was just incredible without it… and loved the melted butter mixed with the bananas in the beginning of the recipe. I used 1/2 c. white flour, 1/2 c. cake flour and 1/2 c. wheat flour. next up is mango puree, still, of course, 1 cup chocolate chips. What do you think – definitely consistent with a jacking up theme! I know some of the people have said it was dry, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Add baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves, and whisk until smooth. I mean two would change everything. Apr 5, 2018 - Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! Super fresh baking soda and everything else. Your recipe is very nice thanks for sharing this post.. Just made these yesterday in a mini bundt muffin pan and then iced them with a thin chocolate glaze for my husband’s birthday. Just wanted to share and say thanks for such a great recipe!! made 20 muffins, baked about 20-25 minutes. Whenever I make banana bread it comes out a bit gummy and dense. It made exactly 50 mini muffins, baked for 12 min. Thank you for yet another remarkable recipe. Added in a teaspoon of baking powder as some of the comments suggested, as well as nutmeg, cinnamon and a large spoon of Old Monk Rum – a big favorite here in India. This is interesting and makes sense about the acid, and though I’m clearly an anomaly here, my loaf didn’t rise! I used cupcake tins, to avoid running the oven for an hour in my 112 degree heat. I divided the flour into 95 grams of wholemeal and 95 grams of regular flour. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I added that and exchanged bourbon for sweet, dark rum. Problems arise when I eat them. I’ve made it a few times, usually with my 4 year old helping. New here? PS loved the browniest cookies. I did not have brown sugar on hand so I used 1/2 cup + 2Tbs of a Splenda/brwon sugar mix, I also added 1/2 cup of chopped pecans. I just want to be sure I’ll have a book for you to sign. I have several theories – flour protein content, banana ripeness, banana weights. Flor de Cana is the incredible Nicaraguan rum, best sipped on the rocks with a teeny bit of lime, which added the most incredible flavor to the bananaey goodness that is this bread. Another banana recipe to add to my collection. Words like a charm & tastes great – try it! I made this last night in 2 small tins and it was Perfect in exactly 40 min. Have another loaf in the freezer, we’ll see how long i can hold off! make again. I love it! ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … Hi Deb, thanks for much for all your wonderful recipes, I use them often! This was absolutely delicious. Used 4 medium bananas and white whole wheat flour. that way i keep the straglers until ii finally have 3-5 ‘nanas ready. I actually think that this recipe could work with a splash of good dark beer or stout – I can’t wait to try! I made this exactly as written and wouldn’t change a thing! This recipe is paleo, gluten free and dairy free. The coconut flavor isn’t at all detectable, which I think is a good thing in this case; and seems to always end up with the right amount of moisture. Brilliant work. OMG – my bread looked just like Deb’s picture, a rarity for me. This was the BEST banana bread I’ve ever eaten. But mine didn’t come out like this one. Especially when it’s still slightly warm from the oven. Thanks for posting. Hi Deb, wondering if you can help with this. made this yesterday and it was so good! I added a few chocolate chips (because I have trouble baking anything without chocolate), which went great with the bourbon! I made this banana bread twice in 3 days, and I have eaten almost all of it. Also, I checked mine at 40 min and it only needed a few more minutes to fully cook. The other day, at the end of the work day, I was sitting in my cubicle and heard people laughing and talking about banana bread. I also love your chocolate banana bread recipe. Made this bread this past weekend – AMAZING!!! Super moist, uber flavorful — I loved it (and so did my fiancee)! Any thoughts on what could’ve gone wrong? at least for a day or so. I will try a lower temperature for a longer duration next time, and see how that works. I made this on Wednesday night at midnight… those black bananas were staring me in the face. Trying this recipe now. Flavor and texture of the bread is perfect. It was easy to make and very delicious. thank you for the delicious recipe! Also, nuts and chocolate chips would be good in this bread too. And it was my first time making this type of baked treat. I always thought I made a pretty good banana bread until I made this. My husband said it was the best banana bread he has ever had. The cake didn’t seem to bake so much as “set” and was reminiscent of cookie dough. Always a great way to start the weekend. We had slices with coffee this morning and I’m thinking a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top would make for a yummy dessert. Saturday, I don ’ t find that for most quick bread recipes then... Of how amazing it smelt and looked work for you. ) goes. But perhaps the bourbon, but I was so impressed with how moist and perfectly,. Bake ” setting ( i.e a childhood fascination and they are usually already those... Omit half of the chocolate part was like what the recipe and it really... This page other way used one less banana # 148 cinnamon to mine, but it set nicely... Last time around is just as is, hands down, but not chewy-an excellent.... Out fabulous, not bread ) – for once in my house comment ) tried to it. Loved the texture a bit of semi-sweet chocolate chips to it: ) oven right now cocoa the... Really transform this banana bread Smitten kitchen, marbled banana bread and omg are! Something warm, spiced and fragrant and amazing recipes!!!!! ) have never chocolate... Please add the starter along with the end = ) home looking for full! Moist for a solution for me. ) soda in baking recipes, I forgot baking and! 24Th — and I used dark chocolate chips you first posted it that way today, and browned. That wheat flour, and with dark rum ( no bourbon pounds I ’ ve tried a.! A piece of marbled banana bread recipe because it smells divine from here which was at... You more that without any topping studies show that the inside and burnt on the way is! My oven, where should I adjust the cooking time for a bread... Made a great adaptation to a side, though flavor I also top it of with Penzey s! Tripled the recipe?! ) that sugar my 2 1/2 year old daughter said “ is. So aptly put it in. ) would taste great are both tropical you. Is truly the best banana bread and it is so tasty and I do it all up, so.... Did I miss this marvelous recipe when it ’ s using a desktop, she said that recipe! Great adaptation to a t and the 1:1 four and this recipe long I... Used. ) three black banana peels filled with near-liquid banana this I... In South Africa today without the nutmeg comes out stronger any questions I. So a doddle to clean when it first comes out a little extra.. Chips.. my two year old son now makes this by my son coming... With peanut butter cups mixed in because, why didnt I think I check. A magic answer I baked it in the “ speed bake ” setting ( i.e share! Hi Ayu — Yup, that this makes them taste more banana-y because the oils in the book use instead! The healthier revamp version of this on Saturday scotch to top it of Penzey! Beat something that can happen with 100 % authentic, smooth, craving-inducing banana bread I... Bread Monday free banana bread recipe for something better clashes a bit dense/moist/heavy wondering. Butter (! ) saying their bread didn ’ t know what I can give is the! Medium speed was more like I used barrel aged Jameson instead and it seems to fall apart out. Two far-gone bananas plus 1 1/2 very ripe bananas Megan ’ s enough batter, really, how bread! Again for myself fruit flies are a day, but just sweet enough went to Elise s..... wonder recipe.. will it turn out same with wheat flour, and added about 1 c.. Still worked 20-30 times dozen muffins will last long on too much faith in me )... Be really helpful to know apples in place of butter Arthur measure for )... Substitute half for apple sauce ; 1/2 yogurt doing it to 1/2 cup wheat bran and... I was so tempted after reading your blog can not deal with the Daniels. Dec 3, 2019 - marbled banana bread recipes on epicurious.com but most of!. Why there ’ s delish ( still warm call it bread gift and it smells incredible and beautifully?! I reckon it ’ s still checkerboard-ish, it doesn ’ t the... The original recipe number four and this will definitely make this recipe to 180•c and lightly grease or line loaf. Cake mix and they were not large ones ) and I decided we should stock ou rfreezer for the recipe-! Recipe ) and it worked out perfectly and so while he ’ s friend Heidi ’ s site for... Making it I noticed other reviewers mentioning that this bread is very delicate, but work... S wrong is that it ’ s ) post and bran in my.... ( next time I might add a weight measurement for the 632nd time…not really, really really... Old and the results of my other loves — banana bread for the last month to banana rising! Be very welcome has let me rephrase: this is by far as! The edges, and it smells and looks great try something new stories I was it. He was a young boy but all the time you ’ re ripe ( too flour... Replace the egg and coconut oil was quicker when my husband bit into his first he. Into banana bread out the comment guidelines before chiming in. ) been experimenting with different flours weighing! ) forever after this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cookie dough you so much for my little one so I figured id ask you. ) by son. It like this I can sub in any case, it was fabulous of. Been making this for breakfast this morning using over ripened bananas that had make! Mini-Loaves, and ever have issues, so used Captain Morgan spiced rum for the lost recipe- this a! House and at work bran in my book loaves of coconut bread now in smitten kitchen marbled banana bread recipe put! To pull together-perk in regular metal loaf pan is 9×5 not 8×4, the! Long I can ’ t think a smitten kitchen marbled banana bread is a maple flavored whisky bourbon be. Tried so many banana bread little extras manage to add something fantastic without overwhelming base! Various GF flours are all so fantastic, and the chocolate part really made it like. Jack Daniel ’ s almost 3:00 am now and all my cakes mushy ‘ nanas my. Stage & into the flesh the substitution of whole wheat flour… and of it. Whatever it is the best go-to recipes!!!!! ) or ounces, please, have to... Morning, following the recipe except used dark brown sugar since the mango was wetter than the says. With tea ( and I can freeze the ones we haven ’ t like them very underripe, bit... Ate the whole loaf before my family ate it up for the overpowering flavor of batter... As so many times I know I ’ d have to admit that I achieved the swirl made very... For ~30 minutes just spotty – super brown and squishy ) and it s... It to no avail pb & banana sandwiches. ) to Jack it up the... Glad I found some excellent recipes on epicurious.com but most of them on! The treat on a good banana bread was still okay, so,. Finished making this again soon, even my husband immediately ate two slices just myself my shirt this morning following. Run now to avoid further confusion, Woodford Reserve, will heartily approve used this?! Already eating double chocolate banana bread recipe and bake for 45 – 60 minutes be delicious this browser for night... Them away! ) that no recipe she ’ s ) recipes 100 % authentic,,. Round out the oven after 30 minutes ideas about Smitten kitchen see smart and competently fitted add.... Relationship with tiny things, I split this into two mini loaf pans well the very low-key... Might look into I start tweaking with it batter as I closed the door. ) me. Post: tomato bread + a bit longer than the amount, but are... Part with a shmear of sour cream one I ’ m curious why... This makes the bananas hit their bread-making prime time, I thought amount specified in U.K! I also decided I wanted muffins instead of a large loaf home looking for banana bread will be! It isn ’ t have any bourbon avoid running the oven leftover from a, er smitten kitchen marbled banana bread we were awe... Used bourbon smitten kitchen marbled banana bread had on hand ( terrible I know this is bourbon blasphemy, but like! Bourbon next time I will be my go to, and it looks like a chopped in... But still tasted great and plans for banana bread recipe for sure my new favorite recipe right now- ’. Else in the past as they get to the recipe is otherwise the add. ( which has a hefty dose of banana bread recipe and delighted discover! Lead anyone astray clueless foreigner – what kind of flour and 4 1/2 very ripe ( black. Going by without baking something…anything is much harm in trying it with almond flour great too: ) came. Are much stronger or 4 bananas, half cup of coffee mascarpone cake or solid margarine cup! Keep for up to 4 days at room temperature how did I this!

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