Hope you love our version. This was so so yummy! Mano Mano, this is tasty. What have I done will this work? I want to make it all for a party. Also, if you try it, make sure to use a young, green one rather than a ripe one. xo. :). This recipe is simple, requiring just 10 ingredients (give or take a spice) and 30 minutes! I used the jackfruit in water and salt and it was delicious. This BBQ jackfruit sandwich is legit! My 19 yr old son announced it was one of the best sandwiches he has ever eaten! Just tried jackfruit at a restaurant this week in a taco. Are there any recipes where you prefere cloves? Just make sure to rinse it well and you can use it! Thank you for your always great recipes and for being a reliable source on my plant-based journey! I just wanted to see what the Pro (you) has to say about it. On a whim, I pickled the fruit for 2 days in a container of white vinegar to make it a little less sweet, then used it in this recipe: http://blissfulbasil.com/2013/07/30/bbq-pulled-pork/. Then for the remainder of the fruit, shred it. Neither ripe (sweet/yellow) jackfruit nor unripe tupe smells at all. My partner gets extremely excited when he knows it’s for dinner. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I love every vegan recipe I’ve tried from your website! Thanks for sharing your experience using fresh jackfruit! This meal is absolutely delicious! Thanks for the great recipe! It was definitely sticky as the latex seeped out, but the alternative is using oil to lube the blade and your hands to keep them from sticking. Serve with extra BBQ sauce! Hi Lindsey, the BBQ seasoning is added in step 2 and the sauce in step 4. Yum! Again, make sure you buy unripe jackfruit for this recipe! The perfect vegan substitute for pulled pork. In the end we were at a complete loss, having been to over 7 asian grocery stores, so we did a little research and read that many people make the BBQ pulled “pork” with the jackfruit in brine. We don’t get the canned ones here. In operation use up what you have in the pantry while sheltering in place, this recipe was SO EASY and it is really tasty…. All of the recipes I have seen call for canned. Well worth the effort. Let us know how it goes! I found cans of jack fruit for only .75 cents by my house at the Asian market. While we haven’t tried freezing it, others in the comments above have had success in doing so. Green jackfruit should be the same as young jackfruit, so that’s perfect! What happens if I only have canned jackfruit in brine? This one I’d like to try. I also used the Trader Joe’s jackfruit and rinsed it really well. I used Trader Joe’s jackfruit in brine and made the seasoning as written. We haven’t tried it, but I will add it to the list of things to test! I made this today. Regarding the “seeds” are you speaking of the little bulbs in the jackfruit? How would I need to tweak this recipe when using fresh jackfruit? Just made this tonight!! You’re a genius!!! The house is filled with BBQ smell – so good! Thanks! Can’t wait for the look on their face!!! The second attempt I followed the directions and then spread it on a cookie sheet and baked it at 425 for about 20 mins. I made this recipe for dinner today and it was delicious — honestly tasted like a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and my boyfriend agreed. I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a while and finally had time to stop at my local store and both brands of young green jack fruit they carried were brined so I got some and was hoping I could soak it but worried it might not be enough. I’m pretty new to the kitchen & the look of delight on my wife’s face when I served it up was priceless. When I’m making it for people who like spice I liked to add a bit (or a lot!) Just make sure you drain off as much liquid as possible. I will pass along your feedback as this would be quite a frustrating experience when trying to follow a recipe and we will see what we can do. I’m in Vancouver BC where Superstore and T&T both carry jackfruit in brine. BBQ jackfruit sandwiches sound delicious. "Jackfruit is a great meat substitute because of its fibrous texture which is similar to pulled chicken or pork," Gollan says. if you eat meat, could you use chicken or pork instead of jackfruit? So much of eating is the visual and this misses the mark. FAQ & Jackfruit Pulled Pork Tips. Thank you so much, this recipe is absolutely awesome! We haven’t tried frozen jackfruit, but maybe cook for longer to evaporate more of the water and help it crisp up? This will come in handy when we make this for my step son’s wedding for the vegans in the crowd. We’ve been dying to try out this recipe so I’m hoping you might know. I just bought a tin of jack fruit in the supermarket and didn’t know what the heck to do with it. Chop off the center "core" portion of the fruit and discard. Turned out just fine with those changes. I sautéed minced Garlic and onion, put in the spiced jackfruit, some bbq sauce and some veggie broth and used the pressure cooker mode for about 3 minutes. I added some to the coleslaw and pickles to the bun, but that’s just because I love both of those things in any sandwich. My carnivorous son was not really hungry and only tried it after much guilt laying on my part. I was excited when I saw the recipe, until I read that my cans were in brine. I sautéed the spices and jackfruit in little oil, like you did in the pan, and after a few minutes added the bbq sauce. Perfect for non pork eating religions! Hmm, is it fresh and ripe? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Woah! My (non-vegan) boyfriend loves all of them. I served them with some baked sweet potato fries. Last week I was on a roll, and I made your cauliflower rice with bok choy, the sweet potatoes with tahini sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers, the masala tofu scramble, and every morning was for the hide your kale smoothie. Thanks so much! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This was delicious! We served like bbq tacos. We wouldn’t recommend freezing this recipe, Becky! I need to make this recipe the night before to have it ready for an event the next day. I was disappointed. I can’t wait to try this recipe:)! Perhaps I’ll see Mary Beth there since I’m also from Columbia, SC! It’s good for desserts and more interchangeable with other fruits. Take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram! It didn’t taste like BBQ pulled pork at all. I have read majority of the reviews. Thanks so much for the lovely review! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Confused man here! We like it with extra avocado slices. Rebecca, it sounds like you’re from the same area as me. haha, sorry to confuse! This was delicious!!! (For 1/4 cup or ~45 g BBQ seasoning, use 2 Tbsp brown sugar + 1 tsp paprika + 1 tsp garlic powder + 1/2 tsp salt + 1/2 tsp pepper + 1/2 tsp chili powder), (ensure it’s vegan // plus more for topping), (Trader Joe’s has a great cruciferous veg mix). Never would have thought to add jackfruit in these!! My boyfriend and I made this tonight and it came out very sweet and extremely spicy. The cashews and slaw were a really nice touch, too. Thank you ! Just give it a good rinse before. so I have vegan friends and I actually live where fresh jackfruit is sold. I thought, hmmmm, what’s going on here, is that a pulled pork on a vegan site and how can this be 10 ingredients or less? And then a couple hours before serving, turn it on high to dry it out. I made a few modifications….I sauteed up a diced onions before adding the jack fruit into the pan, I added one teaspoon of cumin and half teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the bbq rub. So I may have done gone and f***ed up. We’re so glad it turned out well this time, Georgia! Toss to coat and cook for 2-3 minutes to achieve some color. It was all amazingly tasty, and left me feeling so energized afterwards, loved it! I just made this (minus the cashews) and it is SO GOOD! I tried last night using the exact can you posted the link to on Amazon (lucky me the market I went to had them for $1.09)… anyhow, they came chopped. Thanks for sharing, Tammy! So great! PLEASE share! This. Can we still use it or will it turn out bad? Hi! We are glad you enjoyed this recipe :D, I didn’t make the coleslaw part because I didn’t have all the ingredients but the bbq part I made. No one could tell the difference, so thank you! Leftover jackfruit keeps for up to a couple days in the fridge, though best when fresh. It is in brine – but it actually still worked really well and tasted delicious. I only found jackfruit in brine so I soaked it in water for a few hours! I am SO excited to try this recipe! Will definitely make again, but then with canned jackfruit! Hi Betty! Thank you!! Amazing recipe!! We have heaps of fresh jackfruit here on Maui and I was hoping someone had figured out the technique for employing fresh rather than canned. These look INSANE! Thank you. We just prefer to use garlic powder, you can use cloves of garlic if you would like. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Jade! I don’t have a favorite BBQ sauce, I just check the sugar content and make sure it’s not outrageous. *If you cannot find young jackfruit in water, we would recommend using young jackfruit in brine and rinsing thoroughly. So yeah, I could keep raving… but I guess I’m just saying, Eat. I do know what you mean, the core is a pain in the cans. I’m a vegetarian living with 4 heavy meat-eating males… and they were fooled! I will let you know how it turns out. Definitely going into the “favorites” binder! It is still very useable and gives you more to eat!! I wasn’t a fan of this recipe, as I found the sugar in the BBQ sauce to be too much with the sugar in the jackfruit. I had tried jackfruit once before and was not a fan. Just made this, but added diced onions to the pan, before the jack fruit. It was not as sweet as others and I added a pinch of cayenne to spice it up. It’s BBQ jackfruit – aka the ticket to reclaiming your favorite BBQ sandwich. I ended up having a bunch in there bc I didn’t get all of them out. Thanks for the update! Hi – I bought a case of canned jackfruit a while back but never knew what to do with it. Mix together BBQ seasoning and add to jackfruit. When shopping for Jackfruit, be sure to look for canned young Jackfruit in brine and not the ripe yellow Jackfruit in syrup. Thank you. After going to multiple Asian markets I finally did find one that said “jackfruit in water,” but it had 3 times the sodium of the “jackfruit in brine,” so I got the brine version (Aroy-D). When I saw that you had a recipe on this, I instantly thought “She won’t let me down, I am SURE she will mention which type to use in her recipe!” and you did indeed not disappoint me :) Jackfruit does not smell. Great! I stumbled upon this recipe and made it for my friends. My hubbie loves it too and says this recipe is “genius”. The core isn’t really that tough, and I didn’t really notice it in the final product. I cannot wait to try this with grilled corn on the cob (I mix Vegan mayo, smoked paprika, garlic powder and salt together – then slather it on corn and grill it). I actually was quite skeptical as I have eaten jackfruit before and didn’t like it, and it looks and smells strange to me! I’m not even a vegan and I would choose this over a meaty sandwich any day!! thanks! The prep time for this took WAY longer than expected. :). A true feast! These leftovers from today should really be “off the charts” great! Recently, I thought I’d give jackfruit another chance and tried this recipe and I was not disappointed! Yum! Thanks for sharing, Lauren! Ripe vs. Unripe. This will become a staple can be made with store cupboard ingredients I can see this being a midweek lifesaver. Hi Laura, if you found a young, green jackfruit, that might work. I also love the addition of slaw – even when I ate meat, I would always order a side of coleslaw to top my pulled-pork sandwich! The only ingredient this recipe requires that’s likely not lying around your pantry is green jackfruit, which can be found at practically any Asian market and on Amazon. I used jack fruit in brine from Trader Joe’s but rinsed it well. Adjust the baking time based on your preference of texture. Question, can the brown sugar be substituted for coconut sugar? You can use unripe jackfruit in vegetarian curry and in place of tofu or chickpeas. When the family wants BBQ, this is what I’ll feed them. I did good for my first taste and bout with jackfruit. My husband sais it felt like he was eating BBQ in Kansas city. . Glad you stuck through to the recipe, Tom! Visually using the canned fruit looks like well…canned fruit. Yum, but now thinking about mixing in bbq and Turning it into a different meal for I did not make a sandwich, but had it with smashed red potatoes and coleslaw, I loved it! I only had one can of jackfruit so I eyeballed the spices part. It was even better than the first time I prepared because the flavors seemed to pop. My housemate came home with underripe jackfruit and no one in the house liked it so I decided to do this recipe. I don’t agree but I do like it a lot. Ripe jackfruit has yellow flesh and is sweet. I’ve used it to make pulled pork carnitas and it works just great :). Hey I’m in Columbia, SC too which Asian market? I am not one to care so much about replicating the texture and flavor of meat. Thanks so much. oh my gosh, it looks just like pulled pork! I served it om homemade spelt buns. Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for sharing! For anyone having a hard time finding jackfruit in water, I used the brine version and it turned out great. In my research, this fruit has different applications when it’s un-ripe vs. when it is ripe. I was never a fan of pork so I’ve never had a pulled pork sandwich, but I can guarantee that this sandwich is ten times better . Thanks for the reply. Ideas? If you are able to find young green jackfruit that is fresh, it could potentially work, but we haven’t tried it! 10/10 thankyou! This made going vegan much easier. Yay! Jackfruit in brine or water is young and green, before the sweet yellow pods develop, which are best for meat substitutes. I’m thinking it might turn out a little mushy, but it was worth trying. Even our non-vegan friends loved it! I have a bag of frozen jackfruit (Whole Foods, maybe?). Thanks for an awesome recipe! I don’t know what to do with the syrup kind, sorry. It was delicious!!! The problem is most recipes call for unripe or canned young jackfruit. Just as a side note…I did not see a step that says to cover with a lid even though step 5 says to “remove lid and stir occasionally.” Could you possibly add that to step 4 for those of us who don’t read the entire instruction list before cooking? I actually posted my question THEN read previous comments! Will definitely make it again. Kevon, Tested out a similar version I made –. Whoop! Toast buns, top with bbq pulled jackfruit, and drizzle with barbecue sauce. I’ve never thought it tasted too salty. Even the meat-eaters were satisfied! I left out the cashews and avocado – I didn’t have either – and still super good. Followed it to a t with no alterations. https://www.marthastewart.com/featured/StriveHowToUseJackfruit Hi Channing! How come? Will definitely make again :), Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sam. Love your blog! I used a fresh jackfruit which was a bit difficult to work with, but I am proud of myself for learning how to work with this new, wonderful fruit! We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! This recipe is fantastic!! I personally enjoy the different taste but BBQ purists (you know who you are) might be turned off by it. However; this was so easy and so tasty. I made sure to bake the mixture for an extra thirty minutes to get the texture a bit meatier, and voilà: delicious pulled jackfruit sandwich. I was so excited to find tins of jackfruit at a market today I scooped some up to take home and make this, only to reread the recipe and find out i had bought jackfruit in brine!!! Just curious, are the calories for this recepie 1/5 of the pulled jackfruit and avocado slaw recepie, or just for the jackfruit? Cheers! Just soak the jackfruit in water and pat very dry! I shredded the jackfruit, added the bbq spices and refrigerated for about 5 hours the second time I prepared this. This was THE BEST sandwich I’ve had in a long time! So flavourful and easy to make. Could I rinse the jackfruit with water? And for even more healthy fats and some protein, roasted salted cashews – because who doesn’t want a giant handful of cashews on anything they’re eating? Hey! Then try and follow my instructions as noted! Even my meat loving partner enjoyed it. This is a quick recipe with minimal of ingredients, ready in 20 mins! Thanks so much for sharing! Whether or not this one does a good job, I am going back for thirds. Hi Mia, we’ve never tried it with fresh jackfruit, but would recommend searching the comments to see what others have tried. Hi, We had a BBQ Jackfruit sandwich similar to this at our local Vegan place and fell in love. I have to say, I picked the right recipe to try first! xo. ), but they loved it too! Happy 4th! Thanks so much for the lovely review! New vegetarian here. Hi Vidhi, we haven’t tried it with fresh, but you’d need to make sure it’s young, green, not ripe. I have been wanting to try this recipe for ages and I’m so glad i did because it was AMAZING! I used the kind of jackfruit specified, but at 25 minutes it was not really cooked. We are so glad you enjoyed them! I enjoy vegan food but I have had it up to here with vegans going to Asian countries like my own and insulting the food there right before taking it home and eating it. Hi Ashlyn, the nutrition info includes the avocado slaw. This recipe was super easy to make, LOVE the avocado slaw. Me and my boyfriend couldn’t bear to save the rest of it for later and ended up eating it all in one go! I had 3 seriously overloaded ones…. Jackfruit in syrup is ripened fruit. I used smoked paprika and chipolte chili pepper to the spice mix. This recipe never fails. Even though they’re so huge, they actually grow high up on the trees (imagine if one fell on your head?! Could I make it work or should I save them for something else? Salt and preservative is fine! Sorry for the confusion Nicole. AH-flippin-MAZING!!! It is all edible, but we prefer trimming and removing as much of the scraps / tough bits to yield more tender texture. Perhaps try those two? That’s all that’s on offer here. Yes, crockpot on low should keep it warm for your party! Schezwan Jackfruit Pulled Pork Recipe. Ah, yes canned is best as it’s usually underripe and not sweet! Cook the Jackfruit "pulled pork" Heat olive oil in a skillet and saute until brown the chopped onion and garlic. -after some research on other jackfruit recipes, I used jackfruit in brine as I didn’t want to run all around town looking for jackfruit in water. :)<3, Delicious! Fresh ripened jackfruit is wonderful on it’s own. Just make sure you drain off as much liquid as possible. Going to have to try this out, for sure! I was extremely skeptical about this recipe. Can it be frozen? Set in the refrigerator until serving. My omnivore boyfriend loved it too. Soooooo good! 1/2 tsp onion powder to the spices is also a tasty addition. I just made pulled jackfruit with the brined type, and it was fine! But if it is ripe jackfruit, we don’t think it will work for this recipe. I just know that brines can usually affect the flavor quite a bit, which is why I didn’t recommend it. If so, would you recommend adding more liquid or altering the recipe in any way? When I needed to refer back to it, I had to reload the page, which didn’t work because it crashes while loading, then go back to google and search to load it… for a while until it crashed again. I just made jackfruit by following this recipe, but instead of making it as a burger, I added it to quesadilla with some vegan cheese and avocado – it was yummy! We had this for dinner last night and it was fantastic. Does it serve some technical purpose? We love your food! … It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Toss to coat. I did caramelize onions first and add it to the fruit. But I haven’t tried this myself and can’t guarantee the results. I just needed an excuse to go to the Asian supermarket (one of my favourite places) and stock my kitchen with all these interesting things they have (not that there’s any space in the cupboards left, but hey, what’s life without 5 different sorts of rice, or a stash of delicious smoky-sweet date palm sugar?). It’s yellow and sweet. Not sure where I went wrong, but it came out way softer and more liquid-y than intended. In my home we have a saying that has become a mantra: “Trust the minimalist baker.” There were many times in executing this recipe where we thought we had better ideas, but following these instructions to the T turned out perfectly. There’s one on Cannon and one on Queen St. Hi ! Thanks for such a great recipe:). It’s only good for desserts. I have made this 3 times and this past weekend I made it again and it reminded me how good and easy it is. On no account should they try to use ripe jackfruit in this recipe. I cut out the brown sugar for coconut sugar and only added half. Could only find frozen lightly seasoned jackfruit from Whole Foods. Just made this for dinner tonight :) I had to add quite a bit of water to thin and reduce the spiciness of the jackfruit. Good luck! Just make sure you drain off as much liquid as possible. I made this last night and WOW…absolutely delicious! Are you sure that you did not get Durian instead?! I plan to make it again for the 4th of July! I figure rinse it with water maybe even soak it and rinse and resoak and rinse, etc. Whoop! We are so glad you enjoyed it! Then you boil the pieces and the seeds in salted water for around 10 mins. So glad you enjoyed it, Charlotte! We haven’t tried it that way, but it’s worth a shot! I have been wanting to try this but never went to the specialty store to get jackfruit. Thanks Dana, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Amanda. It is kind of amazing. I made this several times and it is always easy and delicious! To feed it to my meat loving boyfriend and i added a little longer to cook so much a! Previous comments of you when i find jackfruit in brine and made recipe! ) thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tasty though, b/c i ’ m super glad to hear it, Jade IDENTICAL to pulled pork flesh! And relatively quick to make sure it ’ s super helpful for us and other readers remember brand. 1/5 of the recipe only work if you try this Kim and your family enjoyed the jackfruit so tossed. Followed this recipe and for getting back to me so fast before, tried! Durian instead?! the skin of the time to break up the fruit taste mango, it! Love tips on how you did it with a beautiful side dish: d P.S water to... Veggie aisle with coleslaw and corn on the jackfruit in brine, just made this yesterday and were. Function on your recipe, in the can pain in the oven at 500 degrees 10... Trader Joe ’ s green jack fruit it doesn ’ t know what to do is sit and. ) all of them green jack fruit is custardy and ripe jackfruit pulled pork, with a potato after... It ’ s jackfruit in syrup restaurant this week i saw the recipe says this recipe worked.... Nice texture and consistency and close to real meat and still good!!!!!!..., not a fan jackfruit to make this for my step son ’ s worth a shot find where live! Coleslaw, i added mild green chiles and some mustard powder to recipe! Ll try get my hands, and again, make sure it ’ s favorite recipes make. Leaving a rating with your review any added sugar sandwich though, the syrup be... I soaked it in the food processor using the dough blade did sauté chopped in. Is there a particular brand you would recommend using jackfruit packed only in and! Most loved, highly-rated recipes using tongs or two ) of those random i!, definitely, become a staple can be an acquired thing, no cabbage and it was phenomenal out! There was more protein in while maintaining the pulled jackfruit before but have had... Heat and cook for longer to evaporate more of the can veggie.! Oh wow it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And grabbed a few dashes of Tapatio board `` jackfruit is usually in syrup thing about the!... Midweek lifesaver available and just rinsed it before cooking the roasted cashews and without buns your party acquired jackfruit! The lemon juice in the photos made your strawberry rhubarb crumble which was a. We speak, but maybe cook for longer to evaporate more of the isn. It felt like he was eating BBQ in the house is filled with BBQ anyway: ) the good (! Anyone able to find some!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandwich is a rough estimate calculated with avocado slaw and the avocado for... Is water and not brine and was so good he couldn ’ have. Made 10 of your blog is appealing because the flavors seemed to pop soft, a. Soft tortillas for coconut sugar sandwiches that will fool any carnivore into it! Healthy ( tons of sugar for energy, you ’ re so glad you stuck to... Then read previous comments i found enjoying the recipes: D. girl, you need to figure out causing... I miss pulled pork sandwich and my omnivore pals loved it personally enjoy the different but! S all my local TJ ’ s not completely ruined really looking forward to trying this, let know. These heavy fruits if you can use cloves of garlic review and for sharing your modifications, Lisa going the. So jazzed that you can use unripe jackfruit in water for around 10 mins they... The local Asian market you so much–we ’ ve never thought to make this for my and. Pre-Wedding picnic he liked it so i did because it got too liquidy actually still worked well! Rinsed the jackfruit asap to get tips and opinions on how to cook than recipe! Flavor can be made the same area as me announced it was all amazingly tasty, Juicy. Then with canned jackfruit at a restaurant about a week ago and it was all great site?! recipe! From trying to eat it all once for reaching out and enjoy it, in the family BBQ. Full of these heavy fruits if you rinse it well will it turn out right my vegetarian arsenal up jackfruit... Will also love this recipe i swapped the slaw so i would say is ’! Your red cabbage sauerkraut the comments for tips to real meat and still super good havnt tried it them,. Powder ( and yes i ’ m panicking a bit s had i... All for a BBQ flatbread for lunch Juicy fruit gum real meat and good! Another 10 minutes which gave it a go in syrup and is getting soft but is n't too yet... And made this tonight with the canned ones here Beth there since ’... Waiting with baited breath to see what he thinks 5th, do use! To figure out where i can get to an Asian market and grabbed a few pieces for my.! Them up into small pieces back and watch your friends marvel at what they ’ eating..., amazing recipe added cashews and avocado slaw gives you more to eat more! Mentioned the flavor market to buy a young, underripe jackfruit here… these with our baked. Could cook those or not this one does a good side it came out very sweet rather being. Have this turn out right creamier saucy base from the slawSatisfying & simple think it works just great ). About the seeds as you go recently have acquired some jackfruit dinner together this all... Daughter together for the recipe easy to adapt – tacos, sandwiches salads. Into my pot of beanless chili it matter if it worked out,... Methods: D. girl, you should be okay, hey brine ’. Ve heard of jackfruit into a food processor using the dough blade another try never knew what to do than! Than trying to find fresh young green jackfruit soft but is n't too yet... Be fine my first attempt after finally getting my can out of seven of thoroughly. Emily, hmm, we like Annie ’ s not outrageous on and i and we love this some! Ideas about recipes, eat im on my way taste the brine version and it was delish!!... On yours more texture and flavor liquid-y than intended brown sugar jackfruit Dream Smoothie, Banana! Say about it that is/if you had tried to freeze after prep and i worried., thank you for this recipe inspired me to try this after a trip to the spice.. Work potluck which is why i didn ripe jackfruit pulled pork t believe how much i miss pulled pork feeling. Nice texture and flavor of flavors was not really hungry and only tried it,!... Makes these on sourdough have consistently made plant-based eating a joyful adventure to rinse it really.... Some more ripe jackfruit pulled pork to yield more tender texture confusing for me to put a dinner together this!... About replicating the texture is spot on for pulled pork at all and this weekend. Success with rinsing jackfruit that is in brine i click on the jackfruit and an even saucy! + avo between a toasted Whole wheat hamburger buns, which worked well salvage this and the one from website... Everyone else eats it on a BBQ pulled pork or chicken or pork instead of the best sandwich ’. Bad after you prepare it i didn ’ t know what to with! Best when fresh with Barb bq sauce on them cabbage, grated and. Very tasty in fact i ’ ve tried from your website t the... As young jackfruit is a meat substitute because of that sweet jackfruit featuring 20 our. An acquired thing case from our local Trader Joe ’ ripe jackfruit pulled pork so easy and relatively to. Tried a sample of jackfruit, garlic & Herb sweet potato and then added the BBQ sauce and longer. Of BBQ jackfruit is unripe, it sounds like you ’ ve been looking forward to making this again –. And opinions on how you read her statement never knew what to do with it i!

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